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    • 【Quality assurance content】
    • 【External Wall Inspection Report】
    • 【Internal Wall Inspection Report】
    • 【Fireproof Inspection Report】
    1、Under natural climate ,film coating will be no flake .no rubbles ,no vestige and no pulverization.
    2、Under common environment.no flake.no rubbles.
    3、Under common temperatures and radiation,no color deferent.
    4、According to international test standard,all the tested items are satisfied with high-class.
    5、Our products with PVDF coating which produced under GB/T17748-1999 is with 70% PVDF.and under common environment,we can guarantee 10~15 years;and for FR products,it is good at fireproof,and the FR grade is B1(according to the standard Q B8624).  

    no quality guarantee conditions:
    A、Using our products abnormally,for example,interior panels used as external panels.
    B、Using our products under abnormal climate,and temperature,for example.using ACP near high temperature boiler and corrupt air and so on.
    C、Install products under critical environment,for example:install exterior panels with glue.
    D、Store in bad environment.put wrongly,move cruelly that result in distortion and damage.
    E、Panelsdamaged by machine and something like machine,also the damage is not the damage from loading.for example:surface scraped.
    F、Quality problems brought from bad quality glue,aluminum framework and nail.
    G、Installation is not according to international installation standard and without right methods to process,for example.surface scraped during.
    (All the quality guarantee should be according to the quality test report that we offered you.)








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