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    Aluminium plastic complex board abbreviate as aluminium plastic panel is a new material after a series of processing. It is used aluminium board as surface which have been polished and coated with lacquer, polyethylene plastic board as its core layer.Aluminium plastic panel is to be produced by AIUDINGEN in Germany firstly, and then the improvement through the FORKEN in Holland and ALOCA in America, after the 1990s, the quality was steady gradually and reached higher level, because of the Aluminium plastic panel make up by two different material (metal and the nonmetal), one hand, it keeps the main characteristic of the original material (metal aluminium, the nonmetal polyethylene plastic), other hand, it can overcome the deficiency of the original material, and then has got numerous excellent material performance . Such as: luxurious, colorful decorating, anti-corrosion, anti-hitting, fire prevention, damp-proof, sound insulation, heat insulation, aseismatic, light, apt to process, easy to install and carry, help to construct quickly and regular. All the performance opened up the wide application prospect for the aluminium plastic board.
    ■product specifications:
    1、standard size:Thickness (T):1mm 2mm,3mm,4mm
    2、width (W):1220mm,1250mm,1600mm
    4、Non-standard can be produced as costomer's demand.
    6、Plastic materials:FR,PE
    ■ We have more than 40 colors,other colors can be produced with your demand!
    Remark:all the colors above are just for your reference,real colors you should confirm from us.and the real colors will be produced should be according to the samples we kept.we can meet all the demand of the coscomers'.if you order metal colors and granite colors.we have quantity limit,that please confirm us before you place order,for avoiding to affect your project !


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