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    With the rse of quslity coating,aluminium-Plastic Panels are dispensed with longtime matntenance,thus having saved the maintenance expenditrees of modern high-rise constructions.Due to the serious pollution in cities in our country,they may need to be maintained and cleaned several years later.Being easily cleanable,they can be cleaned by neutral cleaning agent and clean water,and come out to be fairly new atfer cleaned.

    Fluorocarbon coated aluminium-Plastic composite Panels are featured by high durability,good resis-tance against weather,high temperature,wear and pollution etc.
    Light welght:
    Aluminium-plastic panels are composite of aluminium and plastics,which is lighter than other decorating materials,thereby to facilitate the installation work and shorten the construction period.
    Easy installation:
    Aluminium-plastic panels can be easily cut,grooved,and bended into arc or right-angled shapes to meet therequirements of decoration.
    Non inflammable:
    The noninflammable external aluminium sheets offer protection to polyethylene core material,and cut off hrat conduction in the initial stages of combustion,with flame resistance up to international standard.
    Design performance:
    If requested by customers,aluminium-plastic panels can be made to dif-ferent colors and shapes to meet the original design of architects,thus bringing perfect decorating effect.
    No changes in surface coating,no pollution to the environment.
    Rich colors:
    I provided more than 70 minutes to the customer to choose the color (For a single color palette of not less than 400 square).
    High intensity:
    Use of high-quality high-strength aluminum surface, greatly enhanced the strength of the aluminum plate to ensure that the walls of wind pressure, shock-proof, anti-seepage, mine, anti-shock effect.
    Aluminium-plastic panels are given smooth surface to meet thg top -grade enjoy-ment of modern constructions.

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