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    The chemosythesis line
    The chemosythesis line is to clean the lubricating grease and antioxidative grease adhesive to the surface while being rolles, and other impurities such as silicon, magnesium , iron ang copper that deposit on the surface of aluminium materials.The company uses qualified industrial chemicals and advanced technology from Henkel Co., Ltd Germany to have a chemosythesis dealing with the surface of aluminium materials. Through this technology, the aiumonium surface is covered with a honeycomb oxidative coating of high density, which becomes an agent to make paint and aluminium firmly adhesive to each other. The agent has very strong adhesive force. 
    The precision coating line
    The precision coating line is to coat the chemosynthesized aluminum roll with various paints according to the needs of the customers. The company has an advanced three-roller reversal precision coating machine that can operate under sealed, dustless condition in its solvent resistance, hardness, flexibility and good glossiness, strong adhesive force and corrosion resistance.
    Compound production line
    This is the key equipment of producing Aluminium-Plastic Composite Panel. It can make aluminium material, PE core-board and Adhesive Polyolefin Film firmly adhesive to one another under high heatand high pressure so that the panel is smooth in surface. With imported qualified Adhesive macromolecule Film, advanced equipment, perfect technology and strict quality control, we have produced the Aluminium-Plastic Compisite Panel whose peel strength is superior to the quality index of imported well known brand panels.



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