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    Aluminium-plastic panels can be easily machined shaped and assembled,thus to achieve high efficiency,economy of time
    and cost .They can be machined and assembled easily by common equipments in metal plate works or timber works.
    Aluminium-plastic panels can be:Cut,grooved,belt,sawed,jig saved,locking holed,countersunk headed;Clod bended,folded and rolled;Riveted,screwed,welded,clamped or bonded;Painted,half-tone screen printed,signboards and glued with words on billoards.


    Cut by hand circular saw or circular saw with high-speed small motor,inputted with compressed air upon cutting to blow off the aluminium powder.

    Cut by Gang Saw or Shuttle Saw
    Cut on the premise that panels would not be damaged,inputted with compressed air at the same time to blow off the powder.

    Hole Llcked and Expanded
    Drilled at high sped by an iron driller,and lubricant is strictly prohibited as it may damage the mounting surface,inputted with compressed air at the same time to blow off the powder.

    Edge Planing 
    Filed by electric planer or metal File,and make the rough edges trimmed after cutting.Do remember to clean away the powder left on the panel surface.

    Rivet Joint
    Riveted by nails.

    Cold Bending
    ressure shaped by special mould,no heating treatment allowed,use a protective padding to avoid damage to panel surface.

    First make aluminium-plastic panel underlaid,use electric or foot shear(blade taked off)to fold.Make clear of the bottom face and rough edge upon folding.

    Cold Folding 
    First mill a V-shaped small groove,R-2-8mm wide,and then fold.

    Cold Rolling
    Pressure moulded by adjustable presser and smooth round toller.Donit damage the surface while operating.

    Screwed Joint 
    Jointed by stainless steel self-tapping screw or stainless steel wood screw.To compound large area with medium area,a washer should be used.

    Glue Bonded 
    Bonded by metal adhesive properly,but not for the part of plastic.

    Use a heat sealing equipment,grooved and welded.

    Clamped by bluminium or stainless steel clip,and then jointed tightly by a nail.

    Paint our the pattern as desired,maximum drying temperature not greater than 600C,or follow the technical specifications of paint factorcy.

    Silk Screen Printing
    Print the pattern by proper silk screen ink.


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